Hybrid Inbound & Outbound Marketing for B2B That Works

LEVY’s high-powered blend of traditional and digital B2B marketing helps you to nurture qualified leads, create brand awareness, close bigger deals, generate revenue, and measure success.


LEVY bases every program on market mapping and these Strategic Performance Points.


Blog, social post, e-newsletter, sales literature, tradeshow booth – content is king.


LEVY delivers marketing plans that create a bridge between marketing and sales.


As a certified Hubspot partner, we get the very best ROMI on your inbound marketing campaigns.

"Strategic Objectives in 6 Steps to Make Your Marketing Count"

Francois Gau
President & CEO


LEVY Marketing Calculator

To see what kind of marketing activities you need to generate to achieve your revenue goals, use our Marketing Calculator.

The Marketing Calculator can help you:

  • Get better value for your marketing investment
  • Create realistic plans & the budgets to support them
  • Attract & retain loyal customers
    Increase accountability among team members
  • Automate routine functions so you and your team can focus on adding more value to your customers’ businesses
  • Work fewer hours and make more money


Easily Bring Your Prospects To Your Business [Virtually]

Imagine your facility mapped within hours in Hi-res. Imagine having virtual open doors on your website, social media… Imagine we can augment it with cool facts, snippets, calls to action… If they can’t come to you, bring them in!

SEO Zero to SEO Hero

6 Steps to an Optimized Website

Money Well Spent

$9 or more in top-line growth for every dollar invested

No Risk. Just Upside.

Give us three hours, we'll change your marketing world.